Never Lose Your Crypto Wallet!

What can you do in order to preventing loss of your Crypto wallets? Spoiler… There is a solution! And it’s free!

With more than 20 billions worth of Crypto coins lost forever until December 2017, And numbers that grows every day… this is huge problem for all Crypto users and it’s even bigger obstacle that deterrent millions of new users from taking the first step into the cryptocurrency market.

The Problem: Many users lose their wallet address every day, with no option to recover their credentials.

Why it happens?
As you know, When you open a new crypto wallet, the address looks like this:

Now you need to write on paper all the info, and remember where you put it… for every wallet you open.

But what if you need to use your wallet right now?

Can you find the credentials ?

The solution: Use the Medooza Shortly platform !
With our Shortly platform you have one place to manage and access all your wallets in seconds! with the ability to give your friends & costumes your phone number. Now they can find the right wallet to transfer the crypto currency too!
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How it works?
Enter your mobile number, wallet info and that it! You will NEVER lose your crypto wallet again – now you can search and access your wallets in seconds from anywhere!

The Medooza project co-founders and the Medooza team know for sure that cryptocurrency & blockchain technology will have a successful future, and this great technologies will be part of any aspects of our life in the next 3 years – Just like the internet is.

But in order to achieve that the daily use implementation for anyone must be users friendly!

The Medooza Shortly platform is part of the Medooza symbiotic ecosystem that is going to connect the cryptocurrency, blockchain and real world together into one global platform. You can read more about their vision, platform, roadmap and participate in the crowdfunding they launched with the ability to buy the Medooza cryptocoin in the pre sale stage and gain profit while holding the tokens. Click here to read more about the Medooza ecosystem

Use Cases

Get access from anywhere
David drives to work, while he driving, David gets a phone call from Dan asks him for his bitcoin address for money transfering. Luckily he subscribes in shortly. “Enter the SHORTLY website, type in my mobile number, send the money to my Bitcoin address in binance”.
It’s so EASY !
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Save time and money
David loves the blockchain industry and already invested in various projects. He participated in ICO’s, opened a wallet on a mobile phone application, and deposited money on various exchanges. Some time ago, he decided to check his investment situation …. He Until now, there is no chance even to remember which projects are scattered in the money not to mention the time he have to spend just to find and enter everyone! Luckily, he subscribed to SHORTLY platform!
All reports in one place with one click!
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Life is easier with SHORTLY!
David wants to check the status of his crypto wallet in coinbase, bitstamp and bitfinex by using But what his address? Here is no chance David can remember the long 32 characters addresses. Now what ? Need to enter each one to check? Luckily, he subscribed to SHORTLY! David types his phone number and immediately gets all his addresses.
Click to try the Medooza shortly platform

Try it now – it’s free!

Simple, Fast, Secure and Mobile compatible

Medooza Shortly is part of Medooza Symbiotic Ecosystem.


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